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Fact about Spices


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It is a fruit of an annual plant of the parsley family. It has a sweet, delightful liquorice flavor. It is grown in India, Pakistan, China, Mexico etc. It is used in various preparations like cheese, curries, pickles, fish, pakodas, rolls, cakes, biscuits, pies and the list is endless.


It is a herb which has a mild and sweet flavor. Its use in various ways is supposed to treat cold and cough. Also referred as 'Tulsi'


It is the leaf of common laurel tree. It has a very mild sweet distinctive flavor.


It is a fruit of a reed like plant. The seeds within the pod are used. It has a strong sweetish flavor. Small ones are better flavored. Its versatile qualities are such that it is used for medicinal purposes, used in the preparation of vegetables, curries, rice dish as well as sweet dishes. It is one spice which can be used in all delicacies of one course menu to ten courses menu.


Thin inner bark of the Cinnamon tree has a fragrant odor with a sweet taste; cultivated in Sri Lanka, East Indies. It can also be obtained in powder form.


Pods of chilies are dried and powdered. It is pungent, red in color. Kashmiri chili gives color and not piquant. It is grown extensively in India. It is used in various preparations to enhance the taste and color.


They are obtained from dried flower heads of clove tree. They are a native of Zanzibar but also grown in Pamba, East Indies and West Indies.


It is obtained from dried ripe fruits of an annual plant. It is grown in European countries and in India. Its fresh leaves are used as a leafy vegetable and the seeds are used in various preparations of curries, pickles as well as for tempering.


It is a bulb that has several cloves, all enclosed in one membranous skin. It is stimulating. It is used in the preparation of cheese, pizza, curries, meat, sauces etc.


The stem and root have a hot flavor. It is grown in India and Jamaica. Apart from providing taste in food items  it also carries a lot of medicinal properties.


It is a leaf herb having a pleasant flavor. It helps in better digestion.


It is a pungent spice used as table condiment with lots of therapeutic uses also.


It is the seed of nutmeg tree and has a coat of orangey flesh which is dried into mace. It is extensively grown in Holland, East Indies and Kashmir. Its one of the most important medicinal properties is that its consumption in minute amounts induces sleep.


It is a dried and ground red pimentos. It is used in several delicacies of Indian as well as continental and Italian cuisines.


It is a green leaf herb. It is rich in Vitamin A & C. Celery and broad parsley leaves are easily available.


It is black and white berries of the pepper plant. It improves flavor and adds piquancy used as a table condiment.


Poppy seeds are obtained from large poppy plants. The seeds contain very little opium. It is mainly used in the preparation of gravies of different curries.


It is a dried stem of the flower of crocus plant. It is deep orange in color and is very expensive. It is grown extensively in Mexico and India. It is used to enhance taste as well as color in certain Moglai preparations as well as desserts.


It is a cultivated fragrant leaf. It has many uses in the kitchen. It is either used fresh or dry.


It is obtained from aromatic root or rhizome of a plant. It is grown in India and West Indies. It has a characteristic yellow color. It is one of the best natural antiseptic available.


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