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Bengali Rasgullas

Ingredients :

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  • Fresh cow milk  - 500 ml

  • Whey - 100 to 200 ml

  • Sugar - 5 cups

  • Water - 2 cups

  • Milk - cup to remove impurities

  • Water - cup to add when scum is formed

  • Corn flour - 1 tsp dissolved in 3 tbsp water

  • (or 2 Arithas soaked in 2 tbsp of hot water for 2 hours)

  • Rose water 1 tsp

  • Warm Water 2 cups to sprinkle on syrup

Method :



Video Recipe Part - 1


Video Recipe Part - 2



  • Boil the milk. Keep aside for 5 to 7 minutes till its temperature drops to 70 degree.

  • Take 5 cups of sugar in 2 cups of water. Put the container on low flame. Stir sugar solution continuously till sugar is dissolved completely.

  • Raise the flame. Add 1/4 cup of milk in it. Milk will bring impurities to surface. Add 1/4 cup of water. Slow down the flame so that  layer of impurities is not disturbed. After 5 to 10 min, remove impurities carefully. Sieve the syrup and keep aside.

  • Curdle the milk by pouring whey water in it slowly while continuously stirring it. You will see separation of white curd and green transparent liquid.

  • Keep it for 5 minutes. Strain it through tin cotton cloth. Squeeze the cloth to remove water. Press the cloth on a vessel with both of your hand to remove water.

  • Break 2 soap nuts. Add 3 tbsp water and boil it for few minutes till water becomes light brown. Prepare this water few hours before.

  • Remove Paneer or chhenna from cloth. Kneed it well till it becomes smooth and soft dough. Make 10 equal balls from it by rolling the dough between your palms.

  • Put the sugar on flame. Remove 4 ladles of syrup and add equal amount of warm water to keep thin syrup. Keep this aside for later use. We will soak Rasgullas after they are ready. Make a thick syrup. There should not be any string formation between your thumb and finger. You should feel stickiness when testing the consistency of syrup.

  • Add Aritha water i.e. Soap nut water in syrup. U will see a large froth reaching to top of container.

  • Add paneer balls and let them cook for 10 to 15 min. Continue to add warm water at regular 2 to 3 min interval to keep the consistency of syrup at constant 3/4 string. After 10 minutes of cooking add water every minute.

  • Rasgullas when ready will float on the surface of syrup and will show fine network of lines or cracks.

  • Remove them carefully and quickly in thin syrup. Keep at room temp for 3 hours. Add Rose water and serve with smile.

  • Tips:

  • Good amount of froth is very imp. to cook Rasgullas.

  • Rasgullas should be cooked at high flame continuously.

  • You can take corn starch or Maida dissolved in water in place of Aritha water.

  • Follow all the steps strictly and gently remove rasgullas after they are cooked.

  • Keep them at room temp for at least 3 hrs in thin syrup, which helps to give them round shape.


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